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100% Cotton

Two Ply 100S

€ 59,95

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You can design your custom shirt easily with our 3D Shirt Designer. Not only do you design your own custom shirt, you will also be inspired. You can choose from many options: a breast pocket, a sporty or casual design, a business shirt; the choice is yours.

Design your own shirt

The 3D shirt designer takes you step by step to the perfect custom shirt.

Ample selection of exquisite fabrics

First you select a fabric. All offered fabrics are of the finest cotton type, enabling you to create a sublime tailored shirt. The cotton fabrics are available in white, plain, plaid, and striped designs. A few steps further you can add contrasting fabrics, allowing you to tailor your own shirt with a contrasting inner collar, cuffs, or other parts of your tailored shirt. This allows you to decide on the look of your own bespoke shirt.

Styling the tailored shirt

When you have selected the fabric, you can design the tailored shirt. The Style option gives you complete freedom of choice of opting for a breast pocket, tuxedo cuffs, or casual cuffs. Do you want long sleeves, or shorter sleeves than are available on standard ready-made men's shirts? You can specify it here. Experience the difference between off-the-peg clothing and tailored shirts ... Because every man's is different. A tailored shirt can work wonders in emphasizing the upper body, or just to tastefully disguise it and everything in between.

"Finally a tuxedo shirt that fits ... Great service ... " A. van der Ent, Rotterdam.

The perfect tie for a tailored shirt

Within the styling program you will find the option to select a 100% silk tie right away. Our silk ties collection offers a wide range of modern colors to create a striking contrast or just to match colors to the tailored shirt. The choice is again yours.

Measuring sizes

Nothing is as simple as measuring your sizes. Our utility program shows you which sizes you should measure. The measurements will then be recorded and your next order for tailored shirts will be even easier.

Normal fit, Semi fit ... Tight Fit Custom Shirts

Do you prefer the contemporary Tight-fitted shirt, or just the classic tailored shirt? You decide on the basis of the styling program.

You can start to design tailored shirts here

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