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Fill in your personal message. Then click on your desired Gift Voucher to watch the result. Select the Gift Voucher that you want to order. As soon as you have payed you will receive your Gift Voucher per e-mail with on it a valid code. You print the Gift Voucher or you forward it by e-mail. The Gift Voucher is valid for one year

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Shirt coupon

Do you want to give a surprising present to a family member, friend, colleague, or employee of your company? Familiarize yourself with the coupons of Tailored Shirts Online! The recipient of the shirt coupon gets a spectacular gift in his hands, because Tailored Shirt Online offers only A-class tailored shirts, besides a collection of special silk ties.

If you are specifically looking for a shirt coupon, you definitely are at the right place with Tailored Shirt Online! With us you can buy a shirt coupon for € 15,00. Our custom shirts are available from € 49,00.
The recipient can create a unique tailored shirt of A-class cotton with our 3D Shirt designer. With the shirt coupon you give a unique present that will pleasantly surprise the recipient.

Tie coupon

At Tailored Shirt Online you will find a wide collection of silk ties. If you are looking for a special birthday gift, a special Christmas present, or an anniversary gift, the tie coupon is ideal.

Coupon for businesses

Do you want to give a unique present to your employees? Our coupons can be tailored to your needs. Would you like to order a coupon for a group of employees? We will make a tailored prize for you.

How does ordering a coupon work?

You can order a coupon on this page. Our coupons can be used to order both ties and tailored shirts. First you select the value of the coupon. Then you can enter a personal message which will be put on the coupon of your choice. Then you select a coupon. As soon as you click on the coupon, you will see the coupon with your personal message. Happy? You can checkout. Once you have completed the payment process, you will receive the coupon by email to print yourself. Or you can choose to have the coupon sent directly to the beneficiary by email.

The coupon has a code to indicate the validity of 1 year.

Do you want to order a coupon? Select a Tie coupon or Shirt coupon now! Coupon for companies .. please contact us.


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