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100% Cotton

Two Ply 80S

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Premium quality fabrics

As well as the design of a tailored shirt its fabric is also very important in creating a sophisticated and distinguished tailored shirt. Therefore Tailored Shirt Online uses only the finest cotton fabrics available.

Our fabrics are made of 100% high quality cotton. Through our years of visiting leading studios in and outside Europe we have acquired the keen instinct for selecting the best and most reputable studios and producers. Because of this we buy our fabrics from a manufacturer who supplies to global A-class brands. And we are immensely proud of that!

What does this mean for you as a customer?

This means that each expertly tailored shirt is hand made in a leading studio who has delivered only to leading brands worldwide for generations. The studio uses A-class materials, including wrinkle free fabrics. The demand for non-iron shirts is steadily growing and that is not surprising given the many benefits of non-iron shirts!

Fabrics & Designs

If you use our 3D shirt designer and go through the steps of assembling a custom shirt, you will find a large assortment of classic and contemporary fabrics. The fabrics are all selected on premium quality, design, and pattern. Every season we offer new fabrics with current patterns and designs alongside our classics. Within the styling program you also have ample choice to accentuate your tailored shirt with subtle fabrics for inner lining of collars and cuffs.

Custom non-iron shirts

Do you [or your partner] hate ironing? In that case select wrinkle free fabrics, which are available in a large assortment at Tailored Shirt Online! Non-iron shirts make life considerably easier for the busy man or woman. Custom non-iron shirts are a must in the wardrobe of the contemporary man; these custom shirts only need an optional short stroke moment to be ready to wear. This is also up to your preferences.


Go directly to our fabric collection to assemble custom non-iron shirts, or choose from other premium quality fabrics.


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