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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Policy applies to all activities of Tailored Shirt Online. By using the services provided by Tailored Shirt Online you agree to the terms and conditions as set out in this Privacy Policy. Tailored Shirt Online is very careful with customers’ information. All information provided during the creation of your account or at other times will be used exclusively for the purpose of optimal provision of services by Tailored Shirt Online. Your data will not be sold to any third party. Only when you use an offer of a partner of Tailored Shirt Online, it may be necessary or convenient to pass on your address. You will always be informed about this. If judicial authorities or other official bodies require access to personal data on legal grounds, Tailored Shirt Online may grant them such access.

Data storage and security:

All personal data of customers are securely stored in the Tailored Shirt Online customer database. That database is only accessible to employees of Tailored Shirt Online, if and to the extent to which is necessary by virtue of their function. You can view or change your information at any time. Your personal data are accessible via My Account with your e-mail address and password on You can also send a written request for access to:

  • Tailored Shirt Online
  • Customer Service
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  • Netherlands

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